Smart GPS Usage on cnMaestro

Please start using the GPS in the radios for other things besides sync it's driving me NUTS. The radios know where they are  if the Radio has a GPS Lock, at least when onboarding have it grab the GPS Location instead of forcing manual configuration.

That way the process is a LOT more streamlined than it is currently. Client side radios fine manual setting location may be needed for now until in the future when the perfect world all radios have gps but atleast being able to build the AP side automatically would be beneficial and helpful in getting up and running.

Better yet, auto-config the CPE's   within their known distances from the parent AP, in a circle, so we just have to manually fine-tune them to their true locations on the map

HEHE want a funny thing, they know range, and their Using mimo so they have the chain gains, if they had us enter azimuth for the AP they could actually calculate the basic azimuth of the user as well not exactly but pretty close apparently theirs some algorithms that do it from what i've heard.