SMMB1A - Fractures and breaks


Has anyone seen issues of apparent stress fractures on the SMMB1A? We have seen a number of these on the same site that have developed hairline cracks in the bracket work causing some units to break completely. Our suspicion is that some kind of resonance is causing this, they have been installed for around 2 years.

yup… use a base for satellite dish… they’re much stronger :slight_smile:

So you have seen these fractures as well?

We normally use satellite type dishes as our main business is PTP. Seems a little overkill for such a light unit as the FSK.

We’ve had lots do that. Once you have a few that break and there radio hangs upside down and fills up with water from the rain, you’ll realize that your better off with another mount

Did you report this to Motorola? If so - did you get anywhere with them?