SMs 4.3.2 cause big problems on AP with 3.5.6

I am finding that, when also only one station, with version 4.3.2, is connected on an epmp1000 cell with 3.5.6, after a while (hours or days) the cell rejects all or most of the other stations.

Restarting the AP and all come back.
Is a bug?

What to do, to resolve?

Why are you running 4.3.2 on just one station? Is it an AC station?

You need to be running on both the stations and the AP. 3.5.6 doesn't support backwards or forwards compatibility... I'm surprised you even got it to connect.

We start to deploy new BTS with ePMP3000, but we've a lot of stations 1000/2000
So we decided to deliver stations to installers with version 4.3.x, in case they need to connect to a 3000 AP.

Obviously most went on ap of the old series

But when reading the compatibility rules I see

In my case AP is a epmp1000 (802.11n) and stations all 802.11n, so why can't be compatible?

That's why I asked "Why are you running 4.3.2 on just one station? Is it an AC station?"

I assumed that the one station you were having problems with, running 4.3.2 was an AC client and thus not compatible with a legacy AP running 3.5.6, as shown on that compatibility list.

So yeah... WHY again are you trying to get a legacy client running 4.3.2 to connect a a legacy AP running 3.5.6? I wouldn't not run this configuration if I were you. When running an all legacy network, it's advised that you just use 3.5.6 until 4.4 comes out.

I wanted to proceed by steps. Since the configuration, as shown in the diagram above, allows it, I started with supplying the force180/200 to installers with fw 4.3.2

Why this?

Because among the several hundred bts present, we have made some new bts with only the 3000 series as AP.

Since the intent is to have a mixed (n/ac) network, I want to take out the old series antennas and buy only the 300.
But the technician must be able to hook his force180/200, in the case of a bts 3000 is reacheble

The second step is to update all the APs of the network to, making it possible to connect the future 3000 stations

But, given the presence of the problem tonight we will start updating all the APs

The next step is to update all the stations.
But here it will take months, because there will always be:
- the customer with the antenna turned off during my pdate scheduler
the customer who uses it only during the holiday period, therefore off for months
- all the various force200s in stock of the several dozen installers

- customers who have terminated contract and turned off antenna. So I wait to update until the technician does not go to uninstall it and reuse it

Therefore, the 4.3.x version must necessarily coexist with the 3.5.x version
I don't have a magic wand to turn them all instantly to 4.3.x

Hi Mirko,
I can confirm the same issue. At this time the only fix I’ve found is to upgrade AP and SM to 4.3.2, but as you said it’s not always possible.

I’ve reported the issue to Cambium support.

You can report the same so they have more data.

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Hi Giuseppe,

it's a worse news

A few minutes ago, on a epmp1000-GpsSync with 3 users .. all dropped.
AP and all 3 subscribers with version

I attach a screen

So nothing is solved?

PS: after an AP reboot, all SMs go back online

I’ve also had this behavior in some particular situations… I’ve had to downgrade AP :frowning:

This is the log on a Subscriber

Hi all,

We will take into the issue and revert to you shortly.

Thank you.

We also have the same problem... Not on all but on some AP's

On another AP 1000, with 35 subscribers (all versions

Drop all some times during a day

Please Cambium, we need a fix!!

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I have an issue with the roll back FROM 4.3.2 BACK TO 3.5.6 One of my guys assuming that the new addition of 4.3.2 to our CnMaestro server meant fresh firmware pushed it out in one big update(added for future 3000 implimentation), problem being that ALL of our ePmP are legacy 1000/2000. I was able to roll MOST of the equipment back, but still have radios that say they need power cycled before the update can be done. some have been power cycled from the GUI but the message remains, other have been powered down at the source and left for 5-10 min and still the message remains. How do I fix this "Please perform device reboot before Upgrading software" error?

If the radio is an AP usually not hardware with gps sync, you need to drop all stations to release resources (for example changing the wireless key). Then you can upgrade/downgrade the device

I was hoping that cambium would release a fix for this problem that an AP drop all subscribers until you reboot and more than one time in a day. It is very serious and create disservice