sm's and ap's going up and down

hello all i am trying to fix a problem that has just started on our network…

we have a ap cluster that is feeding several sm’s that we are then using to feed another ap to then broadcast out to more sm’s. this seems very tipical of the motorola system called a bounce.

everything has been fine for months and now we are getting the source sm’s going down multiple times a day and even an hour.

i think that it is a timming issue coming from the software sync on the downstream bounces.

our main tower is hardware sync and all sm’s that are directly off the cluster are working fine. we even have a small cable coop running motorola modems of a sm and no problems.

only the bounces and the downstream are having a issue.

i am seeing multiple reg’ and re reg.

the software version for all of the gear is 7.07 and i am wondering if i should upgrade to 7.2.9

i should mention that all of our gear is 2.4 including the sm’s and the ap’s for the bounces - i know that motorola does not support this but we all know that it can work fine with proper freq monitoring.

any input would be appreciated


Co-locating an SM and a connected downstream AP, when both are in the same frequency band, requires more than careful frequency planning and monitoring. To make the system at all reliable, you’ll also need some type of isolation between co-located SM and AP. Shielding between SM and AP on the tower would work, as well as mounting SM and AP on opposite sides of a building. Adding distance between SM and AP will also help.

I have a 5.2GHz SM and AP mounted on the same building that work reliably. They are nearly 100 feet apart, and the re-transmitting AP is hidden from the SM by being mounted on the side wall of the metal building rather than on the roof. Much to my surprise, the SM’s AP Eval page doesn’t even show the co-located AP in its list; I haven’t had to restrict Frequency Scan Lists or change Color Codes to prevent the SM from connecting to the co-located AP. I had thought there’d at least be enough reflection of the AP’s signal to create a problem, but that’s not the case.

I agree 100% the Key is the 100ft seperation minimum. I know some of you say well mine is working at less well beleave me it will fail. I dont believe the problem is timing. If you are going to colocate ap’s with sm’s or ap’s with bh’s you really only have two choices. Use diffarent bands, if you cant you need 100ft seperation.