SM's dropping from cnMaestro? Losing config?

Good morning everyone,

Has anyone noticed SM's dropping from cnMaestro?

I was in there this morning and have noticed a lot of disconnected devices.

I started looking and it looks like they lost their cnMaestro config.

I remember the 'incorrect serial no' issue a while back, but that one auto corrected itself I thought.

No it looks like the settings are just missing under the config / system / cnMaestro.

I put them in and it states pending approval, then it just reregisters.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?



Hi Ryo,

Could you please let us know the below details;

1. What os the radio softaware they are running on?

2. After onboarding the radios for the second time, did it dropped again?

3. How many radios are having this problem?


Sanjay Kumar.

Everything is runinng 2.6.1

I haven't noticed, but I'll watch it.

I'm currently showing 34 radios offline, just going through them and adding the settings back in.

Just another question, why in cnMaestro does it not show the IP address if it's assigned via DHCP?

It shows the LAN address and not the WAN, is there a setting that I'm missing or is it somewhere else?

It would be much easier to diagnose if I didn't have to go back and forth between cnmaestro and CNS.




I assume the SM is in NAT mode, correct?  If so, very shortly, you should see this fixed.  It will show the management IP of the SM, regardless if it is in Bridge or NAT mode.