SMS Gupshup Template Configuration

SMS Gupshup Template Configuration


This document describes how to configure SMS Gupshup on cnMaestro.

Configuration on CnMaestro:

  1. Create the Guest Access Portal in cnMaestro
  2. Enable SMS authentication
  3. Select SMS Gupshup as SMS Gateway Provider
  4. Provide Username and Password obtained from SMS Gupshup
  5. Sender ID: This field is optional. This will allow user to send SMS through the ID which he chooses
  6. Country Code: We can select the country code which we want the OTPs to be sent
  1. OTP Template: The OTP template should include “%code% “as displayed in the sample text. %code% will be replaced by the OTP code in the SMS.

Example for OTP template:

  1. This is your OTP %code%
  2. Your OTP is %code%. Please don’t share


1. %code% can be inserted anywhere in the string. But %code% is must to include.

2. In case of transactional SMS Gupshup account, customer has to get an approval  from SMSGupshup for the template. Template MUST include %code%.

3. Template format needs to be same on both cnMaestro and Gupshup Account.

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