SM's jumping in and out of Maestro

We are using the cloud version and we have about 40 SM's jumping in and out of Maestro. They seem to be working but they will not stay in Maestro.

Whether the SM's are coming back after some time ? or permanently stay disconnected ?

I assume there are PMP SM's, if so could you please either collect cnut capture

or engineering.cgi (from couple of problematic SM's) and send it to

That is the thing we can only manage them through the AP. We cannot directly log into them, and CNUT doesnt seem them either. They are associated to the AP and most seem to be working. There are some that are not. If we move them to another sector they jump into maestro and are working.

The other thing is using the tools in Maestro we can run link test to the SM's that show offline and can ping them as well from maestro.

SM should be accessible from AP Web->home->Session Stats->Device, Click on hyper link in Subscriber column

and SM home page will open up login to SM ,  and replace the path in URL for example

it will be

replace to, save the webpage or print as pdf and share the same.

NOTE: is my AP IP Address.

We cannot pull and engineering.cgi from the subs that are not in maestro we get this page isnt working. We are using latest version of Google Chrome.