SMs moving between APs

We allow some SM's to move between AP's to protect the customer from a potential AP failure.  When this happens, it seems that cnMaestro never updates the associated AP.  Is this by design?  Will this have to be a manual process?

cnMaestro will update the SM to its new associated AP in the tree. When the SM gets connected to another AP it should get re-associated in cnMaestro and come under the AP where it got associated.

This is taken care in cnMaestro, but if it doesnt work for you, then please send me your ePMP SM MAC via private message.

This is not working for any of our SM's.  I'll send you an email.

Is your SM coming out of hierarchy or still showing under the old AP?

We know there is an open issue where SM sometime doesnt send its PMAC properly (sometime reboot or re-connect with cnMaestro solves it)

This should get fixed in our upcoming 2.6.1 release build in 2 weeks.

It's still showing up in the hierarchy, but under the wrong AP.

This should get fixed in ePMP 2.6.1 which will get released in 2 weeks time.