Sm's not showing up in maps anymore.

I have been using the maps function quite a bit and have been slowly adding GPS coordinates to the Sm's to correctly show their position on the maps. that seems to be working, but now all of the SM's that don't have coordinates, aren't showing up in the fancy group off the coast of Africa anymore. Is there a setting besides show SM's on maps that I am missing? I just upgraded to 2.2.1 this morning and that didn't fix the issue.



I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.

@sam, there is an easier way to assign the lat/long values to all of your devices using the CSV Bulk Import feature.

Furthermore, you can use this same feature to populate the beamwidth and azimuth of your PMP/ePMP APs so you can view your frequency plans in the cnMaestro maps as well.

  • Click on the INVENTORY page from cnMaestro's main menu (left hand blue menu).
  • Click inside the SEARCH box and select the device type you would like to filter on, for example, PMP SMs.
  • Click on the COLUMN CHOOSER icon and enable "Latitude" and "Longitude" fields to display in the table.
  • Click on the small SORT arrow icon in the Latutitude or Longitude column heading until all of the devices with "0" are at the top.  

At this point, if you only have a few devices that need lat/long updated, click on the device name to hyperlink to that device's dashboard in cnMaestro.  From their, click on the CONFIGURATION tab to set the values.

CSV Bulk Import

  • If you have many devices that need to be configured, click on the EXPORT button and export the entire list and Excel to view the list.  
  • Next, click on the IMPORT button to access the CSV Import feature.  
  • Click on the "Download Sample Template" link.
  • Populate this template file with the MAC addresses and lat/long values that need to be configured (from the file you exported a few moments ago).
  • Once you populate the template, save the file locally and then click on the IMPORT button again in cnMaestro.  This time, click on the SELECT FILE button and proceed with the file import.  
  • You should see a green pop-up meesage in after the import is successful.  

You can navigate to any device's dashboard and view the CONFIGURE or DETAILS tabs and see the new lat/long values populated.

Note, the same CSV Import can be used to assign BEAMWIDTH and AZIMUTH for PMP/ePMP APs.

Hope this helps.

Example of CSV Import 

Example of CSV Import Template file