SM's SSID History


Maybe I have missed this feature but it would be great if when selecting a SM that you could see the history of SSID's it has been connected to in the past.

Include the Date/Time it connected to a SSID, and the date it changed to a different one.

If i have missed this feature please direct me to where I can find it.  :)

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+1 for this future. Right now you can find it by studing events log, but this could take for ever...

Also another idea for another future:

Let's say we have a network with ePMP devices using Auto power control and we would like to have overview of power during time.
Let's say that something happens on sector AP and we lose 5dB, but since SMs didn't use maximum TX power before incident, they started to use maximum TX power - SMs adjusted TX power automatically.
As we can monitor in cnMaestro, signal performance didn't changed at all, but in reality it changed.

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If you have not done so already I highly recommend that you also post these ideas in the Ideas section to increase visibility.  Also vote for things you'd like to see implemented.

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