SNMP - cnMaestro OnPremises Version 1.6.0-r5

Are there additional instructions somewhere as to how SNMP on onPremises Version 1.6.0-r5 is supposed to be set up and operate?

Is SNMP in Version 1.6.0-r5 complete or does it require an additional SNMP server?

We are trying to figure out how SNMP integrates with Version 1.6.0-r5 and how it operates.

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There is a section in the cnMaestro 1.6.0 On-Premises User Guide that provides information on setting up SNMP. One first needs to enable it in Application > Settings > Optional Features, then one can navigate to Services > SNMP for  configuration. The SNMP implementation is basic -- moving forward the focus will largely be on the RESTful APIs.

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