SNMP - CNMaestro Values

For the ePMP I can't find anything in the mib that would indicate whether an SM is connected to cnMaestro or not. 

There is such an OID for the 450's which makes it easy to scan a list to find out which units need to still be onboarded etc. 

Any chance you'll be adding something that can tell us whether it is connected or not to cnMaestro?

We have SNMP OIDs for URL, password, agentID, and whether it's enabled or not, as well as agent version number, but nothing that shows if it's currently connected - a binary 0/1 to tell us if it's currently managed, and a string to show state (like "awaiting approval") would be useful.

And it would be really handy if we could eventually get SNMP on the cnMaestro service itself (at least on-premises) where we could query and see what devices are connected, awaiting approval, have issues, etc.

I've been scanning for SMs that are running 3.x firmware but do NOT have cambiumDeviceAgentEnable set and basing off that - as long as everything is set correctly on the radio and recent firmware then it /should/ be able to register to cnMaestro... (any that are not 3.x firmware it reports to me, any that ARE but are not set up for cnMaestro management I set the necessary fields via SNMP)


Ok so I am not blind there is no "connected" oid for the epmp for cnmaestro then.  Ok thanks for verifying.  Yes this would be useful to us in the future to scan for radios that are not onboarded.