SNMP community and special characters


I recently scripted a bulk change to all our ePMP AP's to change the SNMP community string.

The new string contains an asterisk (*).

This change was taken without complaint when done via script (which just ssh's to each radio and modify's config with 'config set ...' command.)

However, when I try to change this string through the WebUI, it complains and gives a Validation Error: * validSymbolsAndDash

The new string works as expected and our SNMP agent (Dude) correctly gathers information from the units with new community string.

I just can't change to the new string via WebUI.

Is restricting the use of special characters in SNMP community string intentional?



Hi Cloin,

We are aware of this issue for whcih we will be releasing a fix.

The fix to allow the character in the GUI which were allowed via CLI is been created and will be going through testing. The fix is part of 3.1 and will not be in the 3.0.1 which we are trying to get out very soon.


Hardik Patel