SNMP element manager

I am looking for an application that will allow me to make changes to multiple Canopy SM’s at once. Castlerock does it but I don’t need everything that they include.

Anything open source or low cost?

we run snmpc from castlerock, we cant get it to work with canopy for anything. its great for alvarion, but we cant use it to make changes to multiple units at once, even with the alvarion.

Mess around with the Prizm SDK, come up with a solution, give it to me. yes, i like that :slight_smile:

FWIW I know snmpc works because I saw a WISP running it in Texas.

I am working on such an application. However I have been focusing on cacti like functionality so far. Once I get my application to a level that makes sense to people other than me, I’ll start distributing.

Jerry, it seems that recently you posted a link that listed all the SNMP object ids… I’m trying to find that right now… Also, what fields did you want to be able to update?

the most we can do is get a ping response, the physical snmpc machine is on a different subnet, but it NATs back at a router from what i understand about our topology

Jerry I thought you were running Prizm?

Nope. Manual config on each element. Now that we won a contract for a muni wifi there will be too many elements so I need another way.

Looking at the Lok tomorrow.