SNMP management question

Hello! I work for a small ISP and we use a custom SNMP tool during our installs. In order for our program to work the ‘read only’ box must be unchecked. Since the box is checked by default this requires someone in our office to take the radio out, log in, and then uncheck it so it’s ready for our installers. In small doses this is not really a problem, however recently the number has been increasing and it can take a chunk of time out of the day to do a hundred or so SM’s. My question is: is there any way to automate that process in a way that does not involve a macro type program like Macro Scheduler, something more like what you are able to do with SNMP to program the radio after the ‘read only’ box is unchecked. I’m not too hopeful because I’ve ran through the SDK and looked into the commands available via telnet and found nothing helpful for my particular project in there. Obviously having it read only is the default is to prevent this type of behavior by design butt nothing ventured nothing gained :wink: Thanks in advance!