SNMP OID Inquiry Equivalent w/ WEB GUI Configuration->Security->SM Management Interface Access...

Usually looking through the SMNP OID files I find OID entries for most of the settings via the WEB GUI but not all.  I am looking to verify if there is or is not a working OID for the data listed on a subscriber module WEB GUI for SM Management Interface Access via Ethernet Port being "Enabled" or "Disabled".  The one entry I was able to find which I am not sure if is this setting or not is listed as being deprecated or something like that.  I currently run 16.2.1.

Can anyone verify for me if there is a SNMP queriable field for this particular setting as listed in the WEB GUI?

The OID you are looking for is "ethAccessEnable" (., in WHISP-SM-MIB.

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