HOw do I identify the correct OIDs for PMP450s?

You can download from here: For common configuration please use BOX mib file, and for AP/SM use the respective MIB files. if you trying to use snmpset make sure PMP450 Read-Write is enabled, Just set right comunity string for read-write/read-only and you are good to go. What exact OID you are looking for?


OIDs are available in the PMP450 Operations Guide. Please refer the page nos from 3-9 to 3-82. Have attached PMP450 operation guide here.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi


I'm looking for the SITE NAME, that in theĀ PMP_450_Operations_Guide_13_2.pdf, page 4-91, it's said

Site Name:Ā  This field indicates the name of the physical module. You can assign orĀ change this name in the SNMP tab of the AP Configuration page. ThisĀ information is also set into the sysName SNMP MIB-II object and can beĀ polled by an SNMP management server.


How can I find the sysName object? I've looking for in the BOX MIB, AP, SM, but I founded anything.

The object "sysName" is part of RFC-1213 MIB.

The OID isĀ .

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Thank Balaji so so much!

I could find it and get values. I'm trying to set a value but I can't. I will search the problem.

Thank you!