snow problems

well i probaby did the dumbest thing i ever did tonight i had a temporary 900 sm feeding a 900 ap till i got my back haul in place and its only 2 miles from the main ap and the sm went out during a very hard snow storm but i could recieve from the truck antenna so i knew the module or antenna was bad cause there was no way to get it to pick up even reseting all that stuuf no go.
so i put on my climbing gear climbed 100 foot with ice on the tower 1/2 inch thick 11:00 at night barely could see my hand in front of my face with a power of jersey gloves on that was practically solid ice when i got down.

oh and did i mention it was the first tower i ever climbed!!! my climber was on vacation so i had nobody.

needless to say you couldn’t of drove a nail in my butt with a 12 lb sledge hammer.
but anyway back to the main question alot of my peeps lost signal during the snow and 90% of them normally have a jitter of 2 and 3 with a 1500 with around 50 to 70 db. can someone tell me if they have these problems and what you do to resolve them i understand some will not work but i mean the ones with extremely good signal till its snows with almost no trees or anything in the way.

oh i am using 14 db yagi’s from m2

this happened the same day i did that he was from tn also

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Your right you are crazy! It may be the reflection of the snow causing your problem. Let me see if I can find an early thread he took pictures of his ice problem you can ask him what he does … 03538.html

check this out :!:

Well, this didn’t work as well as I thought. We went again last week to clean the snow from the antennas and to redo the alignment.

From my experience in this winter the only site with problems is the one from pictures. We are covering 25000 square km, we have equipment on more than 10 mountain tops witch are accessible only by feet in winter, and there are no problems. Canopies are at 5,4 and 2,4 GHz.

I don’t have experience with 900 MHz; maybe the frequency is the problem?

it seems that my geographic area i am in may be worse for the fact that almost all our snow is wet and sticks almost all the time its never cold enough to just be a dry snow even people with dishes for tv has to clean them out alot so there reception comes back i am worried about the back hauls i am fixing to put in.
however i notice they seem to angle down more than a television dish does so maybe that will help me.

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