SNR Reading Help

Refresh my memory but if Downlink SNR is bad, the noise is around the SM, correct?  AP Session Tab shows good SNR.  SM Alignment Tab shows bad SNR.  Link Status looks like this:

Yes, if the SNR is bad in DL then there is a chance of NOISE around the SM, Can you please share the screenshot of AP link status page, as i see only SM page been posted here. We need to compare both the GUI pages since you mentioned that AP session tab shows good SNR, we would like to confirm


I have personally seen this before in three different circumstances. (I am sure there are more.)

1) Localized interference (e.g. a wi-fi router on the same channel or a wireless security system or baby monitor...)

2) When the SM is in the shadow of another sector configured for the same channel. (e.g. the tower you are connecting to is 2 miles away but there is one in the background that the SM sees a mile behind the preferred tower.) The SMs that happen to line up with both towers are most affected.

3) Adjacent sectors are accidentally configured for the same or overlapping channels. (e.g. The North sector is configured for 2417MHz on a 20MHz channel. The East is configured for 2435MHz on a 20MHz channel which overlaps by 2.5MHz.) Sometimes this happens when the tower crew accidentally points the APs in the wrong direction. This affects customers closest to the edge of the sector more than those far apart.

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