So, you're new to Cambium Products; what trainings do you start with?

As a starting point we have a lot of information on our Cambium Learning Site.

If you are new to the industry you can start with the Basics section.

There is also a PTP section and ePMP section for online learning.  You can learn at your own pace.  Also if you choose and want to eventually get a Certification for PTP or ePMP that can be done after taking and passing the certification exam.  I have listed the learning path here:


PTP 670 Certified Administrator

  • PTP 670: Solution Overview
  • PTP 670: Technology Principles
  • PTP 670: High Capacity Multipoint HCMP
  • PTP 670: Installation
  • PTP 670: Planning Networks
  • PTP 670: Deployment Configuration

PTP 550 Certified Administrator

  • PTP 550: Solution Overview
  • PTP 550: Unboxing and Mounting
  • PTP 550: Configuring PMP 550
  • PTP 550 Remote Management with cnMaestro
  • PTP 550: Configuring Antenna Gain


PTP 820 Certified Administrator

  • PTP 820 Solution Overview
  • Antenna Alignment Basics
  • PTP 820: Advanced Frequency Reuse
  • PTP 820: Multi Carrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control
  • Discover PTP 820 Licensed Backhaul
  • PTP 820: Learning Through Field Experiences
  • PTP 820: Using the Installation Wizard

ePMP Certified Administrator

  • ePMP: Solution Overview
  • ePMP: Force 300 Series Subscriber Modules
  • ePMP: Discovering the Power of Force 300-25
  • ePMP: Introduction ePMP 3000L
  • ePMP: GPS Synchronization
  • ePMP: Smart Antenna Technology for ePMP 2000 AP
  • ePMP: Unboxing and Installing ePMP 3000
  • ePMP: Installation Training for Force 180, 190, 200 and 300
  • ePMP: Installing ePMP 2000 with Smart Antenna
  • ePMP: Installing the ePMP Force 300 Series Subscriber Modules
  • ePMP: Access Point Device Configuration
  • ePMP: Subscriber Module Device Configuration
  • ePMP: Validation and Troubleshooting an ePMP Deployment
  • ePMP: Link Optimization
  • ePMP Certification Exam

This is a lot of information but I hope this helps!

The Cambium Training Team