SOAP API on Prizm 3.1 SDK

Good day all,

I’m trying to write a PHP application to manage my prizm server and decided to use SOAP.

For some reason I can’t create a customer, when I call the function I get the following error:

SoapFault exception: [Server.userException] No such operation ‘addCustomer’

There is one other function that gives me a similar error (getElementsByIds), I’ve been able to use all the functions I require but these two, the sad part is that I called motorola to query about this and I was told they don’t support the SDK.

Anyone with an idea of what I could do to fix this issue??? I am running Prizm Version: 3.10.r4( 02.18.2008 14:34:11 ).

Thanks in advance,


I found the problem so I’m documenting it here in case anyone else happens to bump into this issue, and it’s rather a small mistake I was doing.

The problem is the customer object is an array that should be enclosed into another array to pass to SOAP as a parameter, so instead of doing something like this:

$customer = array (ALL_CUSTOMER_ELEMENTS);
__soapCall (createCustomer,array($customer));

I was doing something like

$customer = array (ALL_CUSTOMER_ELEMENTS);
__soapCall (createCustomer,$customer);

Hope this clarifies you if you’re having somewhat the same issues