SOAP / PHP Intro Request


I know a fair amount of PHP, but I’m new to SOAP. I think I’ve configured Prizm properly for the Northbound interface, but I was wondering if someone could post an entire yet simple script calling a single parameter call via PHP. This is just to get me going.


Here is an example for you.

$client = new SoapClient(null, array(‘location’ => “https://YOUR_IP:8443/prizm/nbi”,
‘uri’ => “NetworkIfService”,
‘soap_version’ => SOAP_1_1,
‘login’ => “YOUR_USER”,
‘password’ => “YOUR_PASS”));

$result = $client->getNetworks();

foreach ($result as $network) {
echo “Network Name: $network->name’n”;
echo “Network ID: $network->id’n”;