Social login fails with some Facebook accounts

The social login fails with some Facebook accounts. 
It has been tested on cnMaestro on-premises and also on the cloud. 
Two different Facebook apps accounts has been used. 
The splash page shows the message "Login Failure: failed". 
The username/password are valid Facebook accounts. 
The loging portal works with other accounts.

Hi Pablo,

Please invite me i.e on your cloud account so that we can debug the issue . You can do this by going to "Application >> Users >> Invite Cambium Support" and provide my email id.

There is issue with iOS, regarding auto sign-up splash page.

So to overcome that issue You need to enable "Bypass Captive Portal Detection" in Access control tab of Guest portal(I have enabled it).

By doing this you won't get auto sig-up page but you need to go to browser and need to type "" or "", then you will get Guest access splash page.

Now try loging from Google and Facebook.

I have tried same with iOS 11.1(iPhone 6) and Samsung Galaxy tab. Social login with Google and Facebook is working fine.

If still issue is seen, then can you share me wireless client information you are using and also the OS version of that client.

Hi Pablo,

Yogesh and myself were able to reproduce the issue, seems to be with clients login with only Hotmail domain email ID's. We tested succesfully with Yahoo/Gmail email ID's. We are yet to identify the root cause as we don't have any changes specific to email domains, will get back to you after confirming if its an issue from Facebook App.

Do we have any plans for fixing the auto splash page issue ?The Bypass Captive Portal Detection is an option but we really need the auto splash page.