Software 8.2.4 still viable?

I downloaded 8.2.4 and have installed it on a few SMs and APs. I haven’t had any issues so I was going to install it to the rest of my network.

Before mass deployment, I thought I’d just check to see not only if it was still available for download but to see if there was an 8.2.5 or something. You never know, there could have been something in 8.2.4 that needed a quick fix.

Anyway, I don’t see 8.2.4 on the downloads page anymore. I used a newer P10 MAC address but only see 8.2.2 available for download. I don’t even see 8.2.4 release notes anymore. Anyone know why? Is 8.2.4 still viable or was there a huge bug and Moto pulled it?


This is interesting. I’ve been deploying 8.2.4 on my network for a few weeks now and they pull the download. Kind of makes me wary of what they found broken this time.

I was wondering too. Has anyone called tech support?

wow. this is soooo motorola. Maybe they pulled it due to all crashing on the backhauls. I was told to upgrade when I started a ticket with them. Things got much worse with my bachauls. I started pulling existing BHs and replacing them with Mikrotik Nsteme2 setups. They have thier own problems, but they pale in comparison to Motorola, and cost less and perform MUCH better.

I have a good chunk of my network at 8.2.4 and have had pretty good luck with it, much better then any other 8.. release.

If you need it let me know.