Software downloads are no longer free

Have you guys seen this?

Apparently we no longer get firmware updates for free. we now have to purchase support contracts.

If this is true, what a croc of bs. Next, they’ll be charging to call their tech support line.

I didn’t get any warning to this notifying me of these changes. Disappointing.

Gonna take a minute to read over … _Sheet.pdf

So far, I don’t see how them restricting this to valid warranty equipment helps them – other than tracking gear I suppose. argv.

I can understand charging for telephone support on older equipment, but to charge for firmware updates?

I don’t see the competition doing that.

You seen prices yet for SMP? I haven’t had a chance to get them…and the PDF didn’t say what they were.

No. I have not.

The way I read this is that Moto is not going to provide me with free software updates if I jump ship and go to another vendor. As long as I am buying Moto radios I will be able to enter a current MAC and get the latest updates. Makes sense to me. One question I have is if the updates will still be generic, or if they will be specific to SM, AP, BH.

Now, if they somehow tie the software updates to the MAC of the radio, that’s just bad business but I guess I’ll have to suck it up. That type of heavy handed control might make me consider other vendors in the future whereas right now I wouldn’t consider anything else.

Moto does not deal with, or communicate directly to end users (WISPs), that’s what the vendors are for. Personally I find this info path lacking as the suppliers usually have no idea what is going on either. It’s a joke.

As fas as paying for support calls outside the warranty period, that’s the norm for large companies. Frankly I have been very disappointed in the quality of the phone support lately, it’s as if they just don’t care if the problem is resolved. When we first started 6 years ago, we would get a tech and he would stay with it until the problem was resolved.

As for pricing on it…I just roughly looked up some of the part numbers. I’d imagine they would probably vary based on the pricing you get from Moto.

However, from what I’ve seen on MOL…

The <13 AP’s or BH’s is ~$400-500/yr.
The 13-249 AP’s or BH’s is ~$650-750/yr.
The 250+ AP’s or BH’s is ~$2200-2400/yr.

Again…just rough pricing there as I do not know what kind of pricing schedules everyone gets from Moto compared to what we get.

I noticed that SM’s aren’t listed there? So they’re only going by the number of AP’s you have?

This is a real big shit.

If I pay for any software upgrade, they should offer for refunds if there is a glitch on their software. Also, they should offer rebate on the affected end user connected to the WISP.

They could now be compared to Microsoft. Licensing? Arggggh!

I wouldn’t wonder if one day, they will ship SMs/APs un-programmed. tsk tsk.

I agree, their tech support could not care less of your problems. In two ocassions I reported a problem. They ignored me and 2 months later they release a field alert about the same problem I reported a while back. I understand that sometimes it requires several complaints before a bug is identified, but the way they treat you is not that of a real tech support. My last problem I reported by email, later that day I got an email back with a trouble ticket number. Next day I called to get updates and they told me the ticket number I got was not one of theirs. Go figure.

when we first got canopy and I was reading through the manual, I was full of excitement, it sounded like we were getting into a great thing. But every interaction with motorola has been nightmarish, Tech support even insulted my boss. With the exception of Faruq from tech support, I have had better luck in forums, than the socalled experts from motorola (Faruq was knowlegable and helpful, they will probably fire him for that).

We recently got into the PtP400 and are looking into PtP 600, I am so not impressed with that junk.

Now, with all the problems out there with the moto software bugs (ethernet lockups are grand) its going to cost, not to mention no support (not that there ever was any) is sad.

The good thing about this, is that hopefully this will be the last straw in keeping any more motorola products off our ISP side network. Alvarion, now even though its a pain in the neck to get through to tech support, they actually know their product, and its reliable.

Down with Canopy!!

In my three years with Canopy, I only called them once.

asking about CMM2 and CMM Micro difference. hehe

man if it’s that bad turn off all your motorola, and buy something else.

This means upgrade would end on 8.2.2 on poor WISPs. Argggh!

Its just they are asking for Royalty Fees.

I am looking to get the straight skinny on this.

Stand by…

It’s a not good job!!!

clueless wrote:
man if it's that bad turn off all your motorola, and buy something else.

Seems as though the equipment does this itself and now Motorola is going to capitalize on out-of-warranty equipment whereas it didn't matter for years leading up to this.

Oh well.

Are link estimator results now going to cost as well, or is that still free?

I have sent in 2 tickets to MOTO for the same problem and they didnt answer me. it had been over a month and still no answer. I FINALLY got an "answer from moto… it was to “UPGRADE” to 8.2.2, because they said “that would fix it”. Well it didnt and they still dont have an answer for me. They told me to RMA the radio because “it must be bad”…

If I have to pay for this type of support, I will move to something else because the support hasnt been all that great so far. I get more support in these forums then I do by calling or sending tickets in.

MY 2 Cents… and that is about all its worth.

I am seeing a WORLD WIDE Petition. haha.