software downloads

I am wondering if anyone could provide me a way to obtain Canopy software (all v8 and v9) other than from Motorola website since my reseller here in Indonesia is very slow in obtaining and distributing software updates.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


If you’ve purchased any Canopy SMs or APs within the last year you should be able to access all of the software on the Motorola website.

Problem is items were purchased in Indonesia and the MACs did not necessarily get registered properly.

I’ve used completely random name and company information with a valid MAC and been able to get the download link.

Unless they’ve changed things, I don’t think it matters who it was registered to, just so that it’s still under warranty.

Moto has no way of knowing where a particular radio went.

Grab a new radio and use the MAC - unless it sat on a shelf for a year the MAC will be good.