Software Release 13.4.1 is now available (Supports PMP/PTP 100, PTP 230 and PMP 430)

A huge thanks to all the Beta users for the valuable feedback during the beta period. 

Software Release 13.4.1 supports PMP/PTP 100, PTP 230 and PMP 430. The software packages are available for download here:

Release 13.4.1 has the following Enhancements and Fixes:


  • Configurable option to allow ICC connected SM to use the AP’s Mgmt VID instead of the SM’s own Mgmt VID
  • Updates to Event Logs for Radio Reset Cause
  • Display IP of the RADIUS Authentication Server of each SM on the Session Status list
  • GUI Option for FreeRun to work at boot up  
  • Minor Configuration File changes
  • Trap for GPS Sync loss will now be sent if the radio is rebooted. 
  • Interference Stats on the SM 
  • Update to the reboot message in the event log caused by CNUT
  • Syslog Improvements  
  • Disconnect and Stop messages are now supported in RADIUS
  • Enhanced Jitter Stats on PMP 100 SMs
  • “Aiming” page (previously Alignment Tab). The Aiming page is similar to spectrum analyzer where the SM will scan and list all scanned APs on its page (and the AP Evaluation page) but will not come into session with any APs. Two modes of operation are supported:
    1. Single Frequency Only: The SM will scan only the configured frequency and list all scanned APs 
    2. Normal Frequency Scan List: The SM will scan all checked frequencies and list all scanned APs


  • SNMP OID GetChanBandWidthFlash returns the correct Chanel Bandwidth for SMs
  • NAT Port Mapping now works properly with Configuration File
  • Memory corruption that may occur when using RADIUS
  • Importing/exporting of the Authentication Key now works properly with Configuration File
  • 900MHz FSK and OFDM frame alignment fixes
  • P8 radios now correctly load 13.4.1
  • Fix bug where DHCP Option 81 is incorrectly populated
  • Fixed “varbind error” in CNUT
  • Fixed an issue where AP resets after a user logs in, when Authentication is set to “Remote” or “Remote then Local” and Accounting is enabled without configuring all three Accounting servers. 
  • whispGPSInSync and whispGPSOutSync traps are repeatedly sent out when the radio loses sync
  • Config file: Shared secret of RADIUS server does not export correctly 
  • Unable to ping from the telnet interface of an SM in NAT mode to a PC connected to it on its LAN interface


I tried the new 13.4.1 release on a ptp230 link. The master takes its sync from a ptp230 slave of an other link. The master is set in autorun + freerun, and freerun is allowed at startup.

One day after the upgrade, the link went down and I had to send one of my guys to the tower. After rebooting, here is what I found in the logs:

03/08/2016 : 12:34:29 UTC : Bridge/OS Core : Acquired sync pulse from Timing Port/UGPS.
03/09/2016 : 12:23:45 UTC : Bridge/OS Core : Lost sync pulse from Timing Port/UGPS.
03/09/2016 : 12:23:45 UTC : Bridge/OS Core : Generating Sync - Free Run
03/09/2016 : 12:23:45 UTC : Bridge/OS Core : Acquired sync pulse from Power Port.

but the master is not connected to a cmm, just a power supply. There is no sync on the power port.

Where does the sync comes from ? Is it possible to have an option "remote PTP" like the "remote AP" option, which solves a lot of issues of this kind in the APs ?