Software Release is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
  • Elevate XM and XW

Download the firmware and documentation from:

There is no new feature in System Release and contains several important bug fixes that are
provided in the next section.

Tracking ID Products Description
ACG-14421 All Significant performance degradation was seen when DPI was enabled.
ACG-14442 All Restriction in eight symbols as a minimum length is removed for PPPoE password.
ACG-14456 All Device Name was displayed blank in UI under Monitor > Wireless Table.
ACG-14488 All Restriction in eight symbols as a minimum length is removed for ACS (TR-069) password.
ACG-14512 All Restriction in eight symbols as a minimum length is removed for EAP-TLS password.
ACG-14548 All Router mode was not operating.
ACG-14569 All UI scrolling was not possible when opened from mobile device.
ACG-14575 All Address Type is Static with DHCP IP Assignment and it was set on the device.
ACG-14682 All The Device.DNS.Client.Server.1.Interface parameter was sent empty.
ACG-14692 All ePMP devices were not operating if TR-069 was enabled.
CAMBIUM-19213 All 802.11n devices were not responding to SNMP get requests. At the same time, the UI was not accessible and it may stop the passing traffic.

Sounds bad!
Which models of SMs do you have? From which version are you upgrading? Is there a right image?

I will really appreciate if you PM me some tech support file right after failed upgrade!

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Hi @aka

sorry, everything was ok. My mistake (wrong path in the script).
I deleted my misleading post.

thank you


We have moved several hundred radios, mostly 3000s and F-300s, (but also some remaining 1000/2000 and 1000/F200 SM’s out there) to and so far, so good. I haven’t had any reports from staff or techs of known issues.


Should I downgrade to 4.6.2 or 4.6.1? I was running 4.6.1 on all my epmp 3000 and subs and ran great till I upgraded to 4.7 and also tried, have performance degradation, higher frame usage than before.

We are now 100% and I would say that the gui is more accurately showing the real numbers than 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 did. I still login to the cli and pull the raw numbers if Im trying to figure out an issue but the gui is not usually too far off, about 1sec behind i would estimate.

4.6.1 was very stable but it also had issues that really didnt affect most of us. The lack of IPv6 was its biggest issue.

I did find that some of our f180 and f200 radios had issues with when upgraded from 4.7. A factory reset fixed them, but we also had some radios that just stopped working and needed tftp recovery to fix, which resulted in a factory reset too.

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In this version still persist serious bug with stability for N clients. Device is unstable after aprox. 70 days of normal operations (no gui access/no traffic/wireless disconnection/ssh session drops). There is impossible to download tech support file.

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Hi Majk,
on which exactly radios to you see this issue? Is the radio reachable from CnMaestro at this time?
Can you connect from Ethernet side via backdoor? Does hard reboot resolve it for another 70 days?

I confirm all Elevate models have problems only hard reboot helps. Sometimes they last longer than 70 days.

@2jarek, @Majk could you PM me techsupport files to see configuration?
Have you ever try to reach it from backdoor in this condition?
Did it happen with 4.6.2, 4.7.0 or just started with
Can watchdog be used as a workaround?
Thank you!

Please check Ticket #357462

It happens since 4.7.0 FW all N radios includes Elevate

Same scenario across the network.

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We have found it is common issue for N platform. Some memory leak. We have processed two engineering tickets. It seems to be fixed in 4.7.1-RC13. We continue our tests but as you see the reproduce takes some time. It is mainly around CAMBIUM-18741 in release notes.
I suggest to upgrade your sector to the latest beta and monitor.