software release to upgrade exisiting ePMP 1000 AP's to ePMP 1000 Hotspots?

I thought the upgrade was suppose to be released on the 15th of September. Is  there any info on this yet??

It will be available on our support site within a couple of days.

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This is now posted at

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23dbm for 5gz is not enough for hotspot siginal is very weak that need to be fix

What is the country-code and channel that is configured?

23dbm is already a lot more than the usual mobile-phone / laptop usually can do. 

Most mobile phones top at 14dbm tx power, and laptops are usually in the 17-18dbm figure. 

It doesnt help much having a radio that can talk a watt out, but can't listen its stations back because the phones are not capable of talking more than 14 or so db.

i would argue that 23dbm is already a high enough tx-power to make your network heard even from locations where the return signal is so weak stations won't connect. 

My advice is to design your coverage rings as if the radio would top at 18dbm, and then if necessary give the ap's an extra 2db tx-power if deemed necessary due to high interference / obstacles, but if you can't make your AP work as intended under 20dbm, don't try and shout your way trough walls, use another AP closer to the weaker coverage areas.


Is it possible to upgrade ePMP 1000 hotspot firmware back into ePMP 1000 AP firmware again?

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Yes. An ePMP 1000 Hotspot can be converted to an ePMP PTP/PMP Wireless broadband if required via a software upgrade