software scheduling and backhauls

Hi, I have some older backhauls with version 8 boards in them. They only have the option of software scheduling.
I have looked at the addon to the Network Updater tool for changing AP’s and SM’s to use Hardware Scheduling but it doesn’t want to even look at a Backhaul.
These backhauls seem to have no way to change them to use Hardware Scheduling.
Anyone have any idea’s

I think you will have to upgrade the boards for a cost.

The AP’s have to be P9 to roll to HWS, the SM’s can be lower like P8 or P7 to go to HWS, but will not be capable for 2X. The older backhauls ( P8 ) cannot do HWS just like the P8 AP’s. Talk to Moto for a trade up for a reduced cost. :?