Software scheduling SMs?

I have about 20 software scheduling only SM’s. Can these be converted to hardware scheduling easily? If anyone wants to do for compensation please PM me.

All SM’s can be used on hardware scheduling. Using CNUT you open the Adantage Platform Scheduler and select hardware scheduling and run the tool and it will make them hardware scheduling. (SM’s do not have to be advantage to use this tool)

If these are P9 SMs, there will be an option on the configuration page to set to Hardware Scheduling. If these are P7 or P8 SMs, you will have to change to hardware scheduling using CNUT like Nucoles has stated above.

As mentioned P9’s are a no brainer. Upgrade to 7.3.6 and there will be a software selector switch.

For P7/P8 SM’s the hardware does not support a software switch, you have to use CNUT but it’s not a big deal.

Use CNUT1 to upgrade radios 7.3.6.
Next use the tool called “Platform Scheduler Tool” to switch to hardware scheduling.
Telnet to the radio and type “version”. you want to see “,sched” which indicates HW scheduling mode

Next use CNUT3 to upgrade to 9.3 and you are done. Follow the recommended upgrade path.

You can run both versions of CNUT on one machine, by first installing CNUT3 then CNUT1 in a different folder however it’s a faster process if you use two machines one with CNUT1 and the other with CNUT3.

Depending on how many you have it might be worth the time to set up a switch and power supplies and program multiple radios at a time.

I have a bunch. At least 20 5.2 and probably 5 5.7. Then about 3 or 6 AP on software scheduling.

Where do I get CNUT 1/CNUT 3 and all this firmware [7.3.6 and 9.3]?

I do love Canopy but I have never ever touched the firmware etc…

Forum user mbsi was kind enough to put them on an FTP server:


Thanks for all the help.

I have all the firmware downloaded.

Only one small problem, CNUT 1 will not install, stops at 79% everytime, 2 different computers, 2 different sites I downloaded the zip files from.

Anyone seen this before. Any ideas?

if your antenns are 6.1 and above then you do not need CNUT 1 just CNUT2 7.3.6->8.2 and CNUT 3 for 8.2->9.x

Great. The worked going to CNUT2. It took a while to get learn CNUT but I got it.

One last question.

What does one have to do to get 2x rate option on P7/P8 boards?

The SM must be P9 hardware series and enabled for hardware scheduling to use the 2X rate option. P7 and P8 SMs don’t support 2X because they don’t support the hardware scheduling.

mbsi wrote:
The SM must be P9 hardware series and enabled for hardware scheduling to use the 2X rate option. P7 and P8 SMs don't support 2X because they don't support the hardware scheduling.

Just to clarify P7 & P8 DES SM's [u:2y6n2823]do[/u:2y6n2823] support h/w scheduling. I would assume they lack 2x capability do to the board type much like P10 offers more PPS when using 9.x s/w.

Yes, jwelch is correct, P7 and P8 SMs do support v.8 + software so they do support hardware scheduling. Only P9 and P10 SMs support 2X rate. You may want to reference Page 92 and 93 of the Canopy User Guide. This section explains 2X and also talks about engineering 2X environments where you have a mixture of P7, P8, P9 and P10 SMs.