Software update and searching


I want to upgrade all ePMP3000 sectors which aren’t on 4.5.6. I just can’t find how to do this on cnMaestro. It seems that the selection on type/version (albeit coarse) is only possible in “Inventory”. But there you can’t create an update job.
The “Manage” section searches only by name…

Is there a way? Am I missing something obvious?


If you’re upgrading to 4.5.6, the upgrade routine will skip radios already running 4.5.6… unless the radio has two firmware banks, and then, if the other bank has something other then 4.5.6, it will update it. So both banks will then have 4.5.6.

Another option is to use the search bar on the software updates pane. Put in something like 4.5.5 and press enter, and it will show you all the radios that are running 4.5.5, or have it in their secondary firmware bank.

Right, but I can’t AND this with “ePMP3000” :frowning: