Software Update

I would like to suggest that after a Software Update has been completed that it lists all the Failed ones in a seperate Window with the ability to Ctrl Left Mouse click a AP and open it up in a new window.

Currently if you select the Device you lost the job details and it takes you to the AP in cnMaestro.

I have 14 devices that came back with: General error. Device has no free memory, I now have to get to these 1 by 1 in cnMaestro or use external systems to make this quicker.

Also add the option to reboot devices before a update is applied. Doing this may have stopped me getting the message: General error. Device has no free memory

Thanks for the feedback.

I will pass on the feedback to my team for the UI usabilty changes and will see what best we can incorporate.

For the low memory issue, I need to check with platform team what best we can do to reboot and then apply upgrade.


Could you also please look at displaying GPS Firmware Version in the Statistics.


Hi Chris,

We are adding an option to reboot the selected devices in cnMaestro release 1.6.3 going to be released by JUNE 2018 tentatively.  This should solve the issue of rebooting the individual devices.