Software Updates

it has been a while since I had been to the Motorola Canopy software updates website. I didn’t realize they had changed their site around, did anyone else have a hard time navigating around to find the software updates? Finally I found it and I am not sure how I did it, I went back this morning to to download the release notes for 8.2.4 and couldn’t get back there for about 15 mins!

anyone else have issues?

Yeah i had the same problem, i was able to download 8.2.4 software, but it took me forever to find the release notes. Still not quite sure how I got to them.

Not to be a pain, or lazy but can someone post the direct link to the Software Updates site?

Also, i realized after posting earlier that i was an idiot and the release notes are on the same page as the download link.



redirects to … 06b00aRCRD

Big graphic with the hot chick that says SUPPORT on the right side.

Link to Software Updates on the left side of the support page…

See, that is what was throwing me off, I was looking at the “pictures” and not reading the text. I was just taken off guard when they changed their site is all, took me a while to find it. I didn’t put much effort into it!

since it redirects you to the main site, clicking on support at the top does NOT take you to canopy support. This is bad in my opinion

thats what I was originally doing, it wasn’t taking me anywhere and when I put in the search box Canopy… it came back with nothing!