Software upgrade not working on Force200 PTP (from 3.5.2 to version

Dear Team

I have been having difficulty in trying to upgrade a Force 200 from version 3.5.2 to the latest version

The radio keeps complaining to reboot the SM several times.

Can anyone help me on how to upgrade this radio without me physically visiting this location

Several attempt to upgrade this radio remotely is not working at all.

Can anyone help me please?

So are you saying you have rebooted the radio, and you keep getting the notification to reboot before upgrading?

Hi @KOwopetu123!
Try to upgrade to 3.5.6 steply. Then to 4.6.2

That’s what it looks like he is doing. You can see the file he is trying to upload in the background of the screenshot.

We have seen this with 3.5.2 and older firmwares, you need to power cycle the radio not reboot. Dont ask why, but it does fix the issue to allow an upgrade to take place.

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Thanks for the responses.

I observe that I had to go physically to the location then
a.) Power cycle the radio unit;
b.) Defaulted the radio unit to factory default settings
c.) after which I was able to upgrade the radio unit from 3.5.2 version now to 4.6.01 version. d.) Then after which I had to reconfigure the radio unit for the link to be back up and running.

Thanks everyone for the contributions.

I see you got this figured out but for future reference or anyone else in the future with a similar issue.I’ve run into this same issue before and for me it was a browser issue. When I switched browsers I was able to upgrade the firmware. I normally go back and forth between Chrome and Firefox so when I had this issue one worked and one didn’t.

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