Software upgrade schedule broken?

I just set a scehdule to upgrade 18 SMs and 1 AP (same tower) at 3:00am on Monday July 15. It took the schedule and I verified the information was correct in the scheduled jobs window. 10 minutes later, I get alerted that my radio is off line. It went ahead and ran the schedule 5 minutes after I set it to run 2 days from now. What's the point of allowing me to schedule software upgrades, alert our users that they are coming and then have it run it anyway??


Sorry for the inconvenience, but definitely this is not the intended behavior. The scheduled software update feature has been one of the most widely used cnMaestro features and we haven't heard any such issue from any other customer. It is hard to say anything about the issue based on your description. Could you please send below details to me in a private message:

  1. Whether you are using Cloud or On-Premises. If Cloud, then your Cambium ID and problematic Job ID.
  2. If On-Premises, then cnMaestro software version. Please provide cnMaestro tech support dump file.



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Cloud based. Cambium ID is AU_WIRELESS and the job ID was #58

i have sent a private message, could you please check and reply?