Software version mismatch on 450 5G SM using 20.2 firmware on both SM and AP

We have seen a handful of instances where a 450 5G SM will report Software mismatch when both the SM and AP are on 20.2 firmware. So far, we are able to resolve the issue by defaulting the SM and re-configuring it.

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Issue gets stranger.
Had another SM with this issue last week; tech defaulted the SM, updated firmware a second time (20.2 to 20.2) and reconfigured the SM to have it present with the same error. Replaced the SM to get the customer back online.

Testing the faulty SM in house today, connected to a different AP without issue by simply changing the colorcode. Is it possible that leaving the SM powered down for a time clears the issue?
We have seen a handful of 450 5G SMs with this issue since upgrading to 20.2 firmware.

We’ve never seen or heard of this issue and we’re using this on a lot of radios. I strongly recommend that you update everything to the newly released R20.2.1.

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