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Have a very small installation of 3 Access Points with each access point only having 1 PMP 450 SM (uncapped) which is running software and it is running at a VC rate of 6X/6X. I have added 3 new PMP 450 SM running software release 12.1.3 but these 3 new units only run at a VC rate of 6X/2X or about a 1/3 of the download speed of the original SM. Do I need to upgrade the existing Access Point and SM to12.1.3 or is this caused by another issues?

This is system is on an island and the maximum distance between any SM and AP is 1300 feet or less and power and signal levels appear normal but the s/n on the 3 new units is 14db V/14db H while the s/n on the existing unit is 36db V and 32db H.

I have hard copy printout of everything


We would recommend you upgrade everything to software release 12.2.2. was a very early release for PMP 450. 12.2.2 will allow you to achieve 8x operation (256-QAM) at short distances. We would recommend running some RF link test between the APs and SMs. Make sure to enable the the “Signal to Noise Ratio Calculation during Link Test” before you start the test. For best performance it is good to have 3 or 4 SMs connect to 1 AP and pass traffic. Then share the results. If you still feel you are not getting the results you expected you can contact our support center at

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And as of today we recommend 13.1.3 software.

is there any software version 12.2.2 ?

where can i download version 12.2.2 because i want to downgrade from version 13.1.3

can u give me the link of software version 12.2.2 ?

You can find old software version under the Archive tab of the support page of the product. For example, 12.2.2 for PMP 450 can be found here:

the page not found if i click this link

Hi Steve Wood,

Please find the link to download the PMP 450 archive firmware.



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@ryoga wrote:

the page not found if i click this link

Try leaving out the archive folder in the end. So go here: and then click on the "Archive" tab.