Solar feed problems

I am having problems with solar powered sites where any physical work on the battery side (like disconnecting/reconnecting batteries) causes the Canopy ethernet jack to overheat and melt plastic between the 7/8 (+) pins. Has anyone seen this before?

What kind of regulation equipment do you typically put between your batteries and your equipment?

My layout is:

Panel == > panel connector Sunsaver 20 load connector==> Canopy SM

and of course: Sunsaver 20 battery connector ==> Batteries

Dont you shutoff while you disconnect and reconnect the battery connectors. While you try to disconnect, the connectors loosen and this might cause sparking in the pins 7,8 so you might see molten plastic.

We usually shutdown load before doing anything to batt. I use steca charge controller.

Have been running 6 solar sites without such problems. I once had same problem as I tried to power up canopy by trying to srew the input to the battery output and it caused spark in my ALPU-ORT. Since then, I always shut load, after everything has been fully tight, I switch it on

Just my two cents

heh., we try to disconnect everything before working, but that policy was not always followed.