Solar power for epmp2000

Hi, we are planing to set up solar station with the folowing spes :

1 x solar module SV60-260W

1x solar controler/charger VT BS MPPT 75/15 24VDC out

2x LEOCH LPC 12-55Ah-C20 battery 

So the question is can this setup power epmp2000 with GPS and sector + smart antenna and one ptp link based on ptp200 ore somtehing similar.

This is 24v output on controler so what do we need to connect these two devices to power?

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ePMP2000 required voltage range is 44v to 59v. If using a BSA, it requires 20 watts of power. The Force200 required voltage range is 10v to 30v.


Part of the problem with Solar is that your 24v batteries can be anywhere from about 22 volts to nearly 29 volts, depening on the state of charge of the batteries.  That can be OK if all your equipment is OK to work in that voltage range, but it's usually better to have regulated power output to the radio gear.

We do Solar on some of our towers, and we use the DC-DC Converters with excellent results.  We typically use the 'non-isolated DC-DC converters' and they are cheap and reliable very efficient (very little loss in heat) and they are and exactly on target with voltage and amperage.

That way too - as your batteries charge and discharge, they might be anywhere from 21 to 29 volts coming from the Solar Charge Controller - but these DC-DC convertors can keep their output at exactly 18v or 24v or 30v or 48v or whatever you want.  PLUS - we have places with 24V wirleess gear, and 12V DC Ethernet swtich, so two little converters and everything can be happy as the batteries vary from 21/22 to 28/29 through a night/day cycle.


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Algo no esta bien.

En un sistema solar, la carga de las baterias, puede ser de 24v hasta 30v.

Los 30v es cuando las baterias, pasan a flotacion.

A la salida de  nuestras baterias, para que el sistema funcione siempre a 24.7v se instala un DC-DC que se encarga de que los equipos, SIEMPRE tengan 24.7v y no más ni menos.

Pero..............como se alimenta una epmp2000 con mas voltios que 24?

Con esto?

No es lo mismo regular la salida de las baterias, que puede bajar o subir, que alimentar una epmp2000.

Alguna ayuda por favor.

alguien sabe? GRacias.

Hola ea5geb,

El compañero ninedd esta comentando sobre eso exactamente. Los convertidores DC-DC que utiliza y recomienda ( pueden tener variaciones de voltajes en la entrada, como es caracteristico de un sistema con baterias, pero logran mantener una salida estable de voltaje y corriente.


The epmp2000 is powered through an 802.3at compatible Gigabit 44V-59V PoE interface. The power draw is 20W.
We have the following compatible products:
TP-DCDC-2448GD-HP  for 24V battery systems.
Input 18-36VDC
Output 802.3at Gigabit 56V PoE up to 35W
We also have TP-DCDC-1248GD-HP  for 12V battery systems like in vehicles.
Input 10-15VDC
Output 802.3at Gigabit 56V PoE up to 35W
We also have TP-DCDC-4848GD-HP  for +/-48V telecom power systems
Input +/- 36-72VDC
Output 802.3at Gigabit 56V PoE up to 35W
Scott Parsons

We use Netonix DC switches.  

Accepts 9-60V DC from solar.  Powers at 24 or 48V.  Will power the entire site and give you remote reboot capability.

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Hi all and thank you for support and some new insights.

I have ordered DC-DC Converters and will se how it goes but as some of you proposed Netonix is probably a way to go if I add more APs on same place with added switches/routers and security cameras. One again thanks for support and I will keep you guys informed how things go.

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