Solar power solutions - anyone using solar power?

Good day all-

We have a couple of remote tower sites up and running. For one of them, the closest power to the tower is 3 miles by rough, dirt, hilly road and the last 1/4 of it requires 4-wheel drive. We are pretty sure getting power lines there any time soon is out of the question. We currently have a couple of solar cells (th specs of which I can het for anyone that is willing to help), but we can’t seem to keep power going for longer than just a few days before the batteries (deep cycle marine versions) die and we have to go fire up the generator.

To get to the point, is there anyone out there that is using a solar solution? If so, what equipment (panels, controller, …) are you using? If you aren’t, but know someone that is, please point them in my direction. I would like to get this remote tower running without our intervention soon.

Thanks in advance-
Bill Danforth

HI Bill,

We have a few 12v sites, but nothing in 24vdc. I would imagine that at 24vdc you’d need a fairly large panel and battery setup.

I too, am curious about this. I am looking at a last mile hop using Canopy and the site will definitely be 100% solar.

Measuring a Canopy here on the bench while passing a huge file showed that the current consumption is about 300mA. In my case, it’s an AP back to back with a BH so I’m looking at 600mA minimum.

I may end up buying a pre-packaged solar backup system. I good one can be had for around $2500 with panels, mounts, cabinet, batteries and controller.


You definately need to use deep cycle batteries. You might have to add a couple though, just link the positive posts together and the negative posts together. If the charge controller is bad it might allow the solar panel to drain the batteries when the sun goes down. A couple of good deep cycle battries should have no problem keeping two modules going for atleast two or three days with little or no sunlight.

A little more info on this particular tower. It’s got 4 6v deep cycle batteries chained in series, i think they’re about 200Ah@24v. There’s a CMMmicro powering 1BH and 4(3?)AP’s. We get about 3 days off of this particular setup, and we had about 10 days when we were powering 1bh and 3ap’s without the CMM on it and without the solar panels. The solar panels i don’t have any info on offhand, but like Bill said, if anyone has information that can assist, i’m sure we can dig it out of somewhere.

hola, sé que no me vas a entender una goma lo que te escribo, pero visitá esta pagina para ver si te sirve el link, aprovecho para saludar a todos!! :lol: bye! … anopy.html