soldering pigtail to canopy


I tried soldering a pigtail to canopy. I removed the internal antenna and soldered the center conductor to the centre pin of the PCB. The one inside the U shaped plate.

Soldered the outer conductor to the U shaped plate. But I get 10 dB less signal. The cable length is around 2 foot. The cable is LMR 195. I have changed the cables. Resoldered it but. I seem to get mixed results.

Sometimes I get about 10 dB less other times I get 14 dB less.

It’s a P9 backhaul. What could go wrong while soldering. Does any one have any pictures of connectorized canopy.

I saw the post by acherman describing how to solder pigtail. I have done like what he has said. I still get about 10 dB less signal.

Could somebody help me out please?

It can be difficult to get enough heat to get the solder to flow well and you can get a cold solder joint.

Also, holding the iron to the board long enough to get the solder to flow can overheat the traces and/or components on the board.

This is why you see right angle connectors soldered to the board on connectorized radios.

Thanks Jerry

We managed to make one good one today. I think the trick was to solder the center conductor such that dielectric insulator covers the centre hole where the centre pin is soldered.

I tried just touching the centre hole with centre pin of coax; I had varying lengths of centre pin exposed. The shorter it was the better it was. I think its better to take professional help than doing by your own.