Solution Required

I’m new to Canopy. Very impressed with the system from the tech details and from what I’m hearing on this forum. I’d like to have a system installed in the 2.4Ghz band to cover network for 4 locations of our company within a radius of about 1.5/2 miles max. No. of users envisaged: 200-300. We are in a business district and can install AP’s, BH’s (if required) on rooftops. We are a telecom infrastucture development company. Therefore we have the people, tools and werewithals, and are familiar with cellular and MW networks. I would very much appreciate if I can get some inputs on what equipment I would require, where to get and the price. My area? Middle East. Thanks.

From our main Canopy page there is a link to find a distributor or reseller (ACSP). Here is the link that will help you find someone on the Middle East:

They will be able to help determine what you will need based on your requirements.