some customers don't reconnect when internet is interrupted.

Has anyone else had this experience?  A few times back in January we lost power to our network and the internet went down network wide for several minutes. Once the internet was restored, we noticed that several customers would not connect properly or at all. In each case, we were able to still reach the customers antennas, and in some cases we could still even access thier routers. In every case the customer has a Cambium router. The model can be different R200 or R201. Sometimes the router will drop off the network and we can see the customer is not connected but we can still access their antennas via a management VLAN. Some people will connect,but their servcie is really slow. This issue happens at many different AP's. Most of the AP's are running the latest firmware, but some were running 1 or 2 versions behind and would also have the same issue. Any ideas? Any thougths? Thanks to all 

Are your Routers set up to use DHCP to connect to the internet? 

If so, the root cause might be IP conflicts.


1. Powerfail at Tower/Office causes sectors and your equipment to turn off.  At this point the router serving DHCP will lose its table.

2. Some customers also effected by power fail but perhaps some are not.

3. System cumes up.

4. All routers which were off will get a fresh IP address assignment.

5. Router which stayed up still have the old IP.

6. Some of those are bound to conflict. Each conflict creats 2 customers with major problems.

Solution - put your main Router serving DHCP on backup power that will last for several hours, or longer than a typical outage. Then it won't lose its table. 

Good suggestions, but on our network all customers have static IP addresses. Our outages in the past were due to running out of power at a tower that is powered only by solar. Not enough sun back in January and we went out a few times before we could get the generator to start up. So, network would go down, we would re charge the battery bank and the network would come back up, but several customers would not connect. Odd that this only happens to customers who have our R200 of R201 routers. 

Is the 200 and 201 the only Cambium routers you have on your network? 

We have a mix of routers on our network. Many customers use their own routers and we have about 30 customers who use our routers. If a link goes out at one tower, we consistently have the same two or three people who don't come back automatically. Generally a reboot of the antenna or router will get them back online. This happens at pretty much any tower. ( we have 5 towers in all). 

I was asking if the 200 and 201 were the only Cambium routers on your network. Was wondeing if you were using other models of Cambium routers and if they were not displaying this same issue. 

Oh, ok, got it. We use both the POE and non POE versions as well. The issue seems to effect both types whether they are POE or not. I can duplicate the issue pretty consistently with some of the customers.