Some DHCP clients get a address

I could see you are using XV2 APs in your setup and can you please upgrade your APs to latest image 6.4.2-r10 and some client connectivity issues are fixed in this build.
So please upgrade your APs to 6.4.2-r10 build and share us the update.

Thanks @Network_Support_Spec for the update. Will go through the techsupport logs that you have shared and get back to you.

Hi, in our case is a open network.

Hi Ashok.

What about e410, e501 and e500? Do you recoomend use latest image?

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Hi @nathana

When we reboot, it resolve for one or two day, but this behavior get back

The e400 e50X are discontinued IIRC, and the last firmware release for those is

Copied. So we have a good challange.

That is the same as the most recent 4.x firmware for the e410. So if Cambium fixes this bug, I would hope that they would not simply do so in the 6.x series, but backport it and release a fix for the 4.x series as well, even for EOL models. (I have no reason to think that they won’t… is a fairly recent release, and came out well after e400 was EOL’d, so there is precedent for this.)

To be fair, I’m not sure that anybody knows whether or not the problem actually exists within the 6.x firmware line for e4xx/5xx AP hardware. I know that I have been shying away from trying it since I don’t want to introduce other new problems while trying to work around this one.

Hi @Network_Support_Spec

From techsupport logs on one of the AP am seeing the same issue reported by @nathana and we are working on this issue with the help of @nathana.

And from other techsuppport logs I can see most of the clients are connecting with bad RSSI(above -75dBm) which is not recommended. Can you please enable “Enhanced Roaming” and configure 20dB as SNR threshold and share us the observations.

From below location you can enable "Enhanced Roaming "

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Is it possible to implement this widely, or at least on a property-by-property basis?

as this may need to be deployed for more than 500 aps that we have.

and going to each ap and changing this is gonna be alot of time

@Network_Support_Spec do you use Maestro to manage your Pilots?

If not, you could probably write some script that loops through connecting to all of your Pilots via SSH & changes that config parameter for you.

i do use maestro but did not see where to implement this through their

nevermind i found it… i didnt see it when i looked

@Network_Support_Spec @Benjamin_Cordoba @Adam_Jones1

It is still too soon to say for sure, but I may have accidentally found a fix.

I was forced to factory reset an AP after mistakenly messing up its stored config. Ever since the factory reset and reloading config from backup 2 days ago, problem has not reoccurred.

I have compared the output of “show config” taken back when the problem was happening to what “show config” looks like today, and there are no obvious differences. Yet, problem seems like it might be gone.

It would be interesting to have one (or all!) of you try the following on one of your APs that this frequently happens to:

  1. Make backup of config
  2. Factory reset
  3. Reload config from backup (or if you use Maestro, force it to re-sync config back to AP)
  4. Watch for a few days and see if the problem is also gone for you

That’s interesting. A factory reset and backup config reload seems to have fixed your issue. Can you create a new tech log from the fixed AP and upload it to your open ticket? Maybe there are some differerences between the fixed and bad state logs worth investigating. Thanks.

Thank you @nathana for this comment. I will do it with one e410 that have this behavior.

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@Pete_C Agreed; however, Ashok replied to me via e-mail yesterday, and he seemed pretty adamant that the problem is not related to the config at all and that he suspects the problem will likely be back, but may just be taking longer to develop.

I have to say that my gut says he’s right: it makes no sense that a factory reset and restore from backup would solve a problem like this, and it is doubly confusing that it would solve the problem when there is no difference between the config that was on there prior to the reset, and the one loaded on from backup. IF this ends up actually being a permanent fix for us, I can only hypothesize that there must be some file on the filesystem OTHER than the one where the config is actually stored that is somehow triggering this issue?? And that a factory reset deleted/wiped whatever that was?

But all I can say is that so far, the results seem to speak for themselves. There has still been no recurrence of the issue. In fact, at this point, I have factory-reset two of the APs that were routinely exhibiting the problem: one of them I had reset 2-3 weeks back or so, and it wasn’t until after I had factory-reset this latest one that I realized that the problem had stopped happening on that one, too!

There is a 3rd e410 at this site that has not yet received this treatment, but it has also (as far as I know) never had this problem, either…

In any case, Ashok has complete remote access to all of the cnPilots at this site, and has the power to generate a techsupport snapshot whenever he pleases.

Thanks @nathana for the update.
Please let me know whenever the issue occurs and also please try the things which I have mentioned in the email.

Funny how factory resets sometimes clear up problems. Like you said, maybe there is something other than the config that gets reset. Fingers crossed that the problems don’t come back.


How is the network after enabling “Enhanced Roaming” feature. Still are you facing any issue ?