Some Help With Epmp 1000 and 2000

Hey Guys. 

So i have been tasked with doing some research for my company. Now we have a relatively bigish network running on PMP450i ap's with pmp450 SM's so i am familiar with those. 

No the company wants to start new high sites. They want to use either epmp 1000 or 2000 depending on my findings, however what they want to know is how many active subsribers can be "fed" data at any given moment. I belive they want to calculate the packages they con offer in terms of 10:1 ratio as an example. 

But to my knowledge the is epmp is TDD. Which means there is no simultaneous communication. Every thing is scheduled. I belive the have the pmp450 medusa reasoning around the epmp. So i realy wana use cambium on the new high sites. So my question is, what is the maximum amount of supscribers on the 1000 and 2000, plus how many subsribers get fed data to do there calculations.

We will be using the cambium cmm5 on a high site with 4 aps with 90degree sectors antennas. Im still searching what switches we will be using on the high sites. The cpe sites will be getting a sm with a cnpilot r190w at the client side.

Hope most of that makes sence. Im not that awsome with wording.


We have ePMP for shared bandwith custumers and PMP450 for dedicated bandwith custumers.

The max number of users is the same, 120(theorical), but thats not the issue, but the plans or bandwith you offer.

ePMP1000 or 2000 depends on hoy many interference you have; If you start with 1000 eventually you will be upgrading to 2000.

If the users are 6-10KM away you can offer 30Mbps sharred bandwith plans. How many users? depends on how much bandwith they use. My guess if about 30-50 again; depending on the distance, plans offered, signal, modulations, etc

I recomend Netonix for POE switches on the hills, ICT power supplys

Hi Juan 

Thank you for that info. I cant seem to find the answer to how many contension slots does the PMP450i and the EPMP 1000 and 2000 have. Bassicly just as an excample now. I have my highsite with 4 x EPMP2000's with 90 degree sector antennas. And lets say for starters i want to offer lets say 5mbps and 10mbps packages. How many subscriibers can each AP support and still provide excellent service.