Some issues

We’ve noticed some of the following on the 320 gear:

- SNMP is spotty at best, a lot of information is missing from the MIB, and the information that is there is inconsistent with what we are observing.
- We have noticed intermittent packet loss from the CPE on a random interval. This seems to happen when there is not a lot of traffic being passed through the radio. (We notice that SIP sessions behind the CPE are losing connection)
- The web interface on the AP seems to stall/lag quite a bit, to the point where it can be unavailable for several minutes at a time. Especially noticeable when there are multiple people trying to connect to the same AP.
- There is currently no way to access a CPE from the AP side without knowing its IP address, nor is there a way to factory reset a CPE if the IP is lost or unknown.
- During a software upgrade of the CPE, it has a chance of losing the networking settings stored in the device, making it unreachable from the rest of the network. It defaults to using DHCP and NAT mode instead of the Bridge/static that it was set to before. This does not happen all the time, but it has happened on several occasions so it is not an isolated incident.

If anyone has any info on the above topics it would be greatly appreciated. Especially any workarounds.

spotty snmp…I agree
packet loss…I agree
web interface…try firefox
resetting the cpe…don’t use them so don’t know…but don’t forget the password for the AP or you 'll have to ship it back to moto to have it fixed.
cpe losing network settings…again we don’t use them

We’re on the verge of switching to purewave. Getting the feeling Moto has dropped the ball on the firmware AGAIN…WAY to many glitches and funky firmware issues.

However Gemtek hasn’t nailed it down either. You have to use Firefox with their CPE’s cause IE causes major lags when programming the CPE.

Beta testing…what’s that??

The AP web interface lag is still present even in Firefox. IT seems like the web server has run out of resources or something.

We are thoroughly impressed with the RF side of things, as we have been using 900Mhz gear for a LONG time and it is getting to the point that it is no longer a viable level of service due to its limited capacity. The PMP320 seems like it would be a great replacement as it can penetrate through some trees as well as give the high throughput we need, however if these firmware issues are not resolved, we are unable to deploy the gear on a larger scale.

Wow, tnoc, that is really unfortunate. I never thought I’d say this but if their WiMAX is anything like the 2.4 and 5.8 junk, it sounds like Tranzeo might have a better product…

We’ve never had any issues with the standard FSK Canopy Gear. This new PMP320 stuff just seems like it needed a lot more beta testing/software tweaking before being released.
I’ve had some info back from Moto on these issues, but there’s no actual resolution, the workaround for the CPE reset is "Ship it back to us"
It seems they are still working on the other stuff…

All this is pretty standard for Moto. Actually pretty standard for most hardware manufactures.

Get people buying it first, get it working second.

I am currently running 12 of PMP320 AP’s and am loving it. Sure there were a few kinks in the beginning. But what fun would it be if there wasnt. Good luck with that Tranzeo Idea.

If you need help hit me up