Some new problems with the winter.....

Greetings. So far we have seen good results with the yagis I have gotton. The 11db are out performing our 13db panels. I do have a question though- We have a tower that we are having serious issues with that I was hoping to fix with the use of yagis. Everything worked great seemingly until two things happened:

1. the leave fell off the tree and
2. 2. An electrical storm blew out our APs.

I replaced the APs and everything seemed to work then but soon after (about 2 weeks or so) the fall came and the leaves fell. I found that there is a person with 60-degree sector canopy without timing shooting right through our tower (well, grazing it). This tower was not visible at all during the summer. They are now on 915 while my 2 120 degree sectors are on 906 and 924 (thankfully they are VERY cooperative). Now the problem we are experiencing is people in random areas on the tower are seeing the tower with a -84db were they used to see the sectors at better than -65. I will note that when we put up the replacement APs, one was a new on (P10) and the other a P9. the P9 is running 7.3.6 and the P10 is on I have tried 8.x on the P9 but had worse luck. So far, the yagis have improved some of the people to be usable on the tower, but I’m talking an 11db yagi only seeing the tower at about –77db being less than 2 mi away, while the neighbor about 200yds away is getting a –54db.

The customers having problems are filled with timing errors on most but not all. so my main questions are these:

1. Could an untimed AP cause me that much trouble and so randomly (some close cust are good, some bad- same for cust at more that 8mi.)?
2. If not could the storm have damaged my antennas and if so, is there a way to test them for that? I would think that if it was the storm then it wouldn’t work for anyone. But I wasn’t sure if it might have just destroyed the wave patterns or something.

I am working with the person with the other ap to get them timing on there. Hopefully that will help enough, but I have to wonder on if that is to be expected or if they are desensitizing my AP with the stronger 60-degree sector hitting my tower… I just wanted to see if anyone might have any insight on that. Thanks a lot for reading and for any help you might be able to provide.

99% it’s a timing issue… Yes, if they aren’t using GPS, it will cause both of you problems…

As Jerry points out all the time on the forums, make sure that their AP settings also match yours (Control slots, % Downlink, Max Range, etc.)… In essence ou are co-located, and matching things (as well as getting them GPS synced) is the only thing that is going to help you.