Some users experiencing slow connections with E410

Hello guys,
I’m facing a problem with e410 as I have install 6 e410 AP ,but some users are experience slowness , I have tried to channels but still not sorted.

What can I do ? please I need help

are the issues with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz or just one of these bands? How are your AP’s spaced out in your deployment?

They are using latest Laptops all of them , and the AP’s spaced in corridor and users are in the rooms where has strong wall and door

Do a “netsh wlan show interface” in cmd and check the signal percentage on the laptops in the place they experience a slow connection, does the clients have a weak signal?

You can also check here if the clients are connected to 2,4GHz or 5GHz next to “Channel”. What channel are the clients on?

also get RSSI statistics please

sorted , I observed that when client face slowness when he connected to 2.4Ghz but when he connected to Ghz is working fine so I have enabled only 5Ghz radio on configuration GUI ,now they are all fine .