South Asian Games Connect with End-to-End Wireless Broadband

All communications for 12th South Asian Games were designed and installed in 30 days. The system consistently provided high bandwidth and coverage.We have integrate two biggest service provider in India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL) and National Informatic Center(NIC) to have a wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN), and WiFi access installed in 26 locations(venue) scattered across two North Eastern States.


I'm in SE Asia right now, Jakarta Indonesia to be specific, and there's promotions everywhere for these games! It's exciting to know that Cambium is involved in connecting participants in this event! Do you have any additional photos of the Cambium radios used in this event?

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Hi Eric, please find few photos in attchment . As we had war like situation during that time as we had to survey, design and implement the complete solution which involves mutiple service provider,mutiple OEM and mutiple topology at the same time , hence we had not much time to collect more photos of our installed devices but we had received a warm faicitation from the organizer of South Asian Games (Government of India)...


Hi Eric,

Can you post any photos of equipment that you see?